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Apple Inc developed a mobile operating system called as iOS. This operating system is only used for Apple hardware devices. Initially it was started with iPhone, but now it has been extended to couple of other devices like iPods, iPads, 2nd gen Apple TV. There are approximately 1.2 million iOS applications present on Apple store and still increasing.

Are you having a great idea? Or you want get an iOS app for your existing business?

You are the right place. We have Muxions Technologies have great professional experience in working for iOS application development. We as a team have a great potential in providing high quality applications for any type of iOS device. iOS development process is bit complex one and also different from other mobile programming languages. However, because of our good professional experience and great talented team, we can provide intutive and effective methodologies to solve complex requirements.

Ideation & design

It is always beneficial to have clear idea about purpose, audience, problem and intended app content from day one. Once you have a clear concept, it becomes easy to move ahead towards user interface in a more professional way. We always aim for "ease of access".


While implementing the behaviour of the application, we are aware of the coding guidlines outlined by Apple Inc. And we as a professional company, abide by the those rules strictly to make less chances of rejection due to not following the coding standards.

Testing & submission

Our inhouse testing department ensures that the application developed is according to the requirements and is created by following the standards advised by Apple Inc. After client's satisfaction, the application is submitted to Apple for approval.